So You Want To Be Woke

Be more aware of the communities around you.

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So You Want To Be Woke is a resource to educate people on different topics ranging from socioeconomic privilege to race to sexuality, and all their intersections. The site aggregates content from a wide range of writers and sources and finding this content has been a educational, eye-opening experiences.

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Abadesi@abadesi · Head of Maker Outreach at Product Hunt
I really like the idea behind this... I think you could improve the navigation, or create a social element where people can create an interaction on a article to express how useful they found it / how much they learned from it. How will you ensure the resources you include are unbiased and what do you hope will happen as a result of more people checking it out? @wessilfie
Will Essilfie
Will EssilfieMaker@wessilfie · Data Scientist | Columbia '18
@abadesi thanks for feature suggestion; that's definitely something we're hoping to add to a future iteration of the site! Currently, the articles are reviewed by our team based on researching the article's author and the content source to limit bias, but we also are contacting different experts in the fields to seek out content recommendations. All of this is part of our goal of providing resources people can cite in a conversation to someone asking for more information as well as people who know they could be better educated on a topic, but don't know a good way to start learning about it.