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RamsayMaker@verybadhello · Sr. Front End Developer, nclud
This is another weekend project of mine. It was more of an UI experiment but I had also wanted to build something like this for a while. Im here for any questions!
Ross@GoLocalApps@golocalapps · GoLocalApps
@verybadhello Interesting side project. Though I think you should do something more with it. Finding and generating useful user lists within twitter better than trending hashtags could be helpful. As far as the UI goes, I didn't like the main page, but that just isn't my prefered style, so take that for what it isn't worth. But nice work for a weekend.
GRAY GHOST@gryghostvisuals · Design Technologist
Love the movement here. Would be really rad if you did a write up on how you made all the motion effects take place. Unicorn dust?