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Peyman Khanjan
Technical Lead Snupps
Hi Product Hunt! I’m the tech lead at Snupps. Snupps is social organization app, accessible for free on iOS, Android and the Web. Snupps provides an easy and rewarding way for people to both showcase and socialise around the things they love and collect. This allows people with similar passions, to be able to come together on one platform and share their interests with other like minded individuals. Some of the different ways you can use Snupps: - Access your collections from your iPhone, Android and Web browser - Organize your collections using our ‘drag and drop’ feature - Track of your spending and valuables with our ‘shelf value’ feature. - Sell your stuff on Snupps and on eBay with our new ‘list on eBay’ feature, you can list items from your collection to eBay in 30 seconds. - Showcase what you own with Snuppdates creating a connection between a moment in time and the things you love. - Socialize by browsing collections and engaging with content through ‘Follow’, ‘Wow’, ‘Messaging’ and ‘Comment’ functions. - Share shelves and items with others on Snupps, externally via email, or via other social media networks. - Discover related content by checking out our trending and recent tabs in ‘Explore’. We would love to hear what you think of Snupps, and are open to any feedback and or questions you may have. 🎉 Join Snupps 🎉 IOS: Android: