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Adam Churcher
Adam ChurcherMaker@cameradam_ · Co-founder, Made by Magnitude and Fetch
Hi everyone! Really excited to share Snug with you. It’s a super simple & niche app that allows you to preview how your next few photos will look in your Instagram feed before you post them. I came up with the idea as a lot of people seemed to be posting photos and deleting them as they didn’t like how they looked with the other photos in their feed. Our app allows you to add a bunch of photos, press & hold to rearrange them and export them out to Instagram. We have all sorts of users & brands finding it useful, from photographers to vloggers & hope you do too!
Dawson DePretis
Dawson DePretis@dawsondepretis · Designer & Web Developer
@cameradam_ I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but there are multiple app store reviews that mention the app not opening successfully. Is this something that will be fixed in the future? I noticed that it hasn't been updated in over 4 months and I'd prefer not to spend money if it's not active. Love the idea though and will probably end up trying and recommending it if it opens successfully and doesn't crash.
Adam Churcher
Adam ChurcherMaker@cameradam_ · Co-founder, Made by Magnitude and Fetch
@dawsondepretis Hey! Unfortunately the Instagram API has been a little temperamental with us on occasion which is why some people have struggled to log in. We do have a solution for it but some users decide to leave a review instead! We haven't updated the app in the last few months as we haven't actually had any bugs to squash; our app does what it says on the tin & we're super happy with the features on offer. We do periodical updates throughout the year just to ensure everything is running as it should be! But if we do run into anything, we do fix it ASAP 😁 Hope you enjoy!
Ha! I love this. I'm very obsessive over aesthetics, consistency and symmetry. I hate Instagram feeds that look like some chaotic random happening. This seems to solve that problem. I guess you have to be a bit OCD like me to get the real value behind this. Lovely invention @cameradam_