A user friendly tool to manage your dataset

SnowyOwl is a tool to help manage personal dataset. It comes with modern UI design which makes the app easy to use. It provides many ways to organize your dataset. It's cross-platform and support syncing via web-drive.

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Hi hunters, Let me introduce SnowyOwl to you. SnowyOwl is a dataset management tool. It helps you to organize your data, especially those which need structural information, for example, project research, lecture materials. Unlike other management tools (Endnote, Mendeley) in the field, SnowyOwl has modern UI design and is made to be easy to use. Some key features: - Many ways to organize your data: multiple libraries, groups, tags, keywords - Advanced search, just like the iTunes smart playlist. - Built-in markdown editor to take notes for individual item. - Cross-platform and support syncing data via web-drive. Although it's functionality is limited at this moment, we are planning to make it more productive during the time. The next big update is will be to provide free mobile (phone / pad) app which can easily syncing with your computer. Some other features are also planned: - Dedicated research paper editor - Many PDF related functionalities SnowyOwl is provided as a software, not service, so no subscription needed. Try it now and let use know your thoughts about it. Curious to hear your feedback. Thanks, Morris
Nice. Seems to be Electron app or am I wrong?
@csaba_kissi Yes. We started with WPF and CEF for Windows, then we quickly port it to other platforms with electron. We’re thinking about using electron for Windows, as we observe that Electron usually load faster than WPF.
Yes we are looking for research paper editor and PDF support also
@debarati_ghosh Definitely on the roadmap.