SnowShoe Stamp 2.0

Unlock magic with a touch of plastic

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So I'm interested in the main use-case here @ccmoberg and @jamilim ... Why did you build this? I'm not sure I get it entirely... also fyi the video quality on the landing page needs higher-res :)
@bentossell Hi Ben, thanks for the comment. We originally came up with the idea of the stamp about 3 years ago. We were building loyalty apps for SMBs and needed a way to redeem digital coupons off phones. NFC wouldn't work (don't work on iPhones), QR codes weren't secure enough, and most SMBs were hesitant to install expensive equipment at their point of sale or throughout their stores. After building out the API and making the stamps we had quite a few people interested in using the stamps in their own products. We pivoted from building loyalty apps to being the technology that can power cool and magical experiences. We've recently worked with p​artners to use stamps to distribute exclusive content at events (music downloads, app downloads, and videos), track RSVP engagement and much more! Thanks for the feedback on the video - we plan to be updating it very soon!
@jamilim ok cool thanks for letting me know :) What kinds of businesses seem to be the biggest adopters? Have you explored Music festivals? Is this sold as a white-label product for others to brand as their own?
@bentossell We've had great traction with event marketing - with several implementations at music festivals with Red Bull. Stamps were handed out to attendees that linked to music downloads (iTunes and SoundCloud) for Red Bull sponsored artists. Yes, we sell the stamps as white-labeled products. We supply a sticker template so you can customize the graphic on top of the handle and for order quantities of 1K or more we can customize the stamps for you. ​
@jamilim Nice! I think that would be the right direction for something like this :)
@jamilim @bentossell agree with Ben here. not only could the video be higher res, it could highlight a much better use case. very awesome potential here.
Great product. We have used earlier version, very excited for this new one. We had an on-the-ground download campaign for our app and needed a mechanism for attribution, this was best thing around.
@albeckum Thanks Alex for the kind words, w​e can't wait to show you the new stamps!
Dying to know what the bottom of it looks like.... and why so bulky?
@inorganik Hi Jamie, Good question! The bottom of the stamp is completely flat black surface. I will try to get a photo posted later today. It's bulky because of how we need to construct the stamps, so they work optimally. The bottom black piece is as thin as we can make it so it will work on both OS and Androids and allows us to make individually unique stamps. As for the handle, we wanted a design that made you hold the stamp the correct way and looked similar to a traditional ink stamp.
I am pretty excited about this little stamp. I have a few use cases I have toyed around with in the past that required something like this. Shoot me a message, i'd love to hear your story. nemrowj at gmail.
@nemrow Just sent you an email - can't wait to learn more about your experiences!
Nice! Really keen on getting our hands on a unit or two for testing / integration in the flow of our app. Jumping the gun a little, but has there been any testing with wearables?
@roamlocally Love to learn more about your app - I'm happy to schedule a call if you have time. We haven't explored much with wearables because screen sizes are so small but it is worth exploring.