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@rrhoover - re: how we came up with the idea... we originally started SnowShoe to sell loyalty apps to grocery stores. We were doing digital couponing and the like, but ran into a huge problem: integrating with each store's Point of Sale System to do coupon redemption SUCKED. We needed a way to authenticate coupon redemption (ie prove customer A was at POS B and buying product C) that would reside entirely outside the POS system. We looked at NFC (no go for iPhones), QR Codes (a nonstarter in Wisconsin, where we started the company and had our first clients), BTLE (no go on many android devices at the time, and required power on the POS side). So, we invented the stamp to solve our problem. We started showing it to other developers in WI, and quickly realized that it could solve a whole bunch of problems outside of grocery store POS. Thus, pivot, then TechStars, then move to SF, and here we are!
I can personally vouch that @CCMoberg is at the top of that list of founders who are pulling for the other companies in Techstars. Great guy leading a great team!
Hey All, I'm the CEO of SnowShoe. We went through TechStars Boulder this summer ('13), and we're now located in San Francisco. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about our technology. -Claus
Welcome, @CCMoberg! I saw a demo of your product at Tradecraft a few days ago. Really neat tech and I'm especially excited to see how it's used in toys/gaming. What is the coolest/most interesting/craziest use case for your tech? Btw, you should chat w/ @grandst's @amandapey.
Hey Ryan, I think the coolest use case we've seen thus far is using the stamp to link toys (like, real, physical toys) with digital assets in video games. We do this by coupling our stamp authentication API with a real-time backend-as-a-service (we love http://www.firebase.com). This lets you represent transfers of the digital asset between various player's accounts in real time. I can trade you my "level 13" battle mace (or sword, or bow, etc), and that weapon and its entire digital history transfer with possession of the physical object. Of course, we also won the TechCrunch DisruptSF hackathon in 2012 by using the stamp as the authentication protocol for a wifi-enabled door lock (lockitron and august didn't exist yet), so that was pretty cool, too.