Create magic with a touch of plastic.

Having played with SnowShoe demo kits, what Claus and his team are doing is basically magic.
@jedc Thanks, Jed!
SnowShoe Stamps are small pieces of plastic with secret digital identities. Our stamps allow mobile game developers to sell toys that link to in-game content (Skylanders for mobile). At the same time, our stamps have been used as a physical factor of authentication for secure user log-ins and to authenticate purchases in brick-and-mortar retailers. SnowShoe Stamps have no batteries, no power, no circuitry, no antenna, and no moving parts. They cost just cents to manufacture, and they work with all multi-touch mobile devices.
@CCMoberg 1) who are your serious competitors and how are you different? 2) what are your crucial upcoming milestones? 3) do you have any protected IP? 4) how many developer kits have been ordered (or shipped)? 5) Have you had any discussions with large brands that you can share, or is demand coming from indie developers?
@frumpy 1) We mostly compete with other “technologies”. What we do is provide a cool, simple way for a smartphones to identify a real-world physical object. There are other ways of doing this that range from simple and cumbersome (alphanumeric serial numbers) to kludgy (QR codes) to very elegant (Proximity-based RF protocols like NFC and BTLE). Of course, the more advanced RF protocols require that your smartphone has a radio that can communicate (both read and write) in the correct bandwidth - which at least 40% of smartphones on the market today do not.
@frumpy 2) Well, Demo Day for the Disney Accelerator is a week from today, so, while not a product milestone, that is pretty much consuming our focus right now. We have a very big product launch coming up in November, so that is exciting. This will be our first full-service platform sold to non-technical customers - still a lot of work to be done, but it is something we are really excited about. Finally, we’re in the final stage of testing a new version of our front-end javascript SDK. That will be made public in the next few weeks, and will significantly increase stamp functionality.
@frumpy 4) We’ve had 2148 developer kits ordered to date. We’ve shipped 1616 of those, and so we’re pretty well backordered right now. This despite the fact that we’ve increased our manufacturing capacity 5x over the course of the summer. The reason for the back order is that we have had over 2500 production stamps ordered over the past couple months, and we prioritize paid orders over our free developer kits. This is actually one reason why we introduced the ability for developers to pay $10 for a developer kit - we know we can get the paid orders out-the-door within 24 hours (compared to a wait time of months for our free developer kits). If anyone is interested, you can go here to pay for a kit:
@frumpy 5) Well, NDAs are pretty popular in the gaming and toy industries, so I can’t say a lot about the companies we are talking with. I can say that, at this time, I think you will see SnowShoe-powered toys on store shelves by Fall 2016. I can also divulge that News Corp and TMobile are building apps that use the stamp, and that, obviously, we’ve had some great meetings with Disney’s top brass as a result of our participation in the accelerator.
Saw these guys at Disney/Accelerator. Some very cool tech - quite unique. Greatest risk is that it's tech looking for a problem, but team has been focused on customer dev and really attuned to initial use cases.
@hunterwalk totally right re: tech looking for a problem. Addressing this has actually been our #1 focus through the Disney accelerator thus far. We are actually going to be launching our first fully-hosted, vertical product next week on Demo Day. I don't want to spill the beans just yet, but I hope that when you see it, you'll agree that we are addressing the risk you mention.
@CCMoberg cool that u and @hunterwalk know eachother--hunter, see my comment earlier in this thread ;)
Big fan! I can't wait until all nerdy kids are carrying around stamps built on this platform. Magic the gathering + tech... = $
We're working just a desk away from Claus and team at the Disney Accelerator this summer and I can safely say he is one of the hardest working guys here. If you've seen him talk about his stamps you can tell how truly passionate he is about them. I really believe they are on to something great.
@goeric Thanks! Everyone should check out, too!