Snowball Smart Notifications

Get the notifications you want and none of the rest

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Thanks Chris; founder here ... hope you all enjoy the app, let me know if you have any questions or comments!
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This really looks great, @illscience. Congrats on the launch! I only wish I had Android friends to recommend this to ;-)
@illscience what's the hardest part about prioritizing notifications? Do apps provide any signals, or do they all look the same to Snowball? What indicators or signals in the notifications themselves help you prioritize them? IOW, what's your algorithm look like, without giving away any top secrets?
@chrismessina @illscience well, we start with some intelligent defaults and then start with the obvious stuff on the predictive side: i.e. what's the ratio of notifications received to app opens? this is complicated by the fact that some high value notifications ("leave now to get to your next meeting on time") don't drive an app open. context also matters a lot -- a notification that's relevant at home could be irrelevant or bothersome at work. ultimately users are in control and we err on the side of caution to preserve trust.
@illscience I'm digging it. Great design. Great tutorial. Any way to make it work on the lock screen? The normal status bar is there when my screen is locked.
@illscience Does this work with Android Wear, too? One of my main complaints is that Android uses wear as an unfiltered dumping ground for notifications instead of taking a more intelligent approach, such as using smart filtering like the kind you see on Snowball. Are we able to use Snowball for Wear notifications instead?
This is so great — I only wish this existed on iOS! I appreciate the description of the problem too.
@chrismessina will soon be built in the OS. just a matter of version
Really like the thought and care put into this :)
Plain awesome.
@tokudu thanks man!
Gorgeous product. Also wish it was on iOS! :)
@dshan If Apple opened up iOS more, we would definitely build it.