All your messages in one place (on Android)

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Thanks @kevinrose .. would love to know what the community thinks, thanks for everyone's support.
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@illscience I think it's a great start! Plus I love Android first (and I guess you cannot do the same thing on iOS just yet anyway). Time will tell if I prefer Snowball over the native notifications, but I'm giving it a shot. What I like is that I often forget about convos I had in one app I don't personally use that much, and then forget to get back to people. Having one unified inbox like with Snowball solves this - it's works kind of like a todo-list for all messages that are not emails. Would like to see Telegram support btw :)
My buddy Anish just launched Snowball this morning. Excited there's a way to finally have all social msgs in one app
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Congrats on the launch guys! Well done.
I like the idea of bringing all under one hood! Pretty interesting too see an Android-first approach, would be cool if you could share some insights about the adoption once the iOS version is released as-well.
@illscience congrats on the launch! What motivated you guys to build this? What other messengers are on your integration list? Finally, when can I use on iOS?
Thanks @liveink - decided to build it because 50% of the icons on my home screen are messaging apps and it was painful to keep switching across them. iOS at some point but right now we're giving mad love to Android first!
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