Alarm that wakes you up earlier when traffic is bad

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I betatested this app, and think it's a really cool idea. Congrats to your launch! When I leave home with the kids I've found out that I need a target time to dress them, stop trying to feed them breakfast, leave the door etc. , so many things kan happend with kids so I need to know when to break up and rush. It could maybe be a second app for parents that reminds you of all milestones through the morning. Weatherforecast is great so you know what clothes to put on the children.
Hi @mikaellowgren , Really good to hear you like the idea and experience the benefits! Thanks for your kind words!
Hi Guys, very excited to be on PH. My name is Nordin Ouameur and I'm the founder of Snorelax. Im here to answer all your questions!
Ooooo I'd be sooooo mad if I got woken up an hour earlier and the traffic had cleared by the time I got there haha
@bentossell haha! and you would be very happy if you were on time!
Not a great fan of the name - sounds more like something you'd find in Pokemon Go!
really nice idea, out the box thinking. Would be cool if this system could be linked up with
Hi @matthewboyle25 , this looks cool! I'll make sure to think about the possibilities and contact the guys when I have some plans about it.