SMS-based wake-up accountability app

SnoozeYouLose keeps you accountable to wake up on the days you set entirely with SMS, no app to download! If you fail to wake up, you pay your pledge amount, half of which goes to charity!
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Nice, love the problem it’s trying to solve! One qualm though: I’ve tried so many alarm clock apps. For ones like Alarmy, they give you options for how to turn off the alarm. I would use the scan a barcode one and place a barcode 30 feet from my bed. Even after waking up, running to the barcode, scanning it, and turning off the alarm, I’d still plop down on my bed and go right back to sleep. I think the same thing can happen with this: wake up, solve puzzle on text, go back to sleep. One potential solution is to have the text come at a random time 5-30 minutes (arbitrary) after the wake up time and give the user 5 minutes to respond. This way they have to be up throughout that timespan, forbidding then from just waking up and going back to sleep. This was such a hair on fire problem for me that I built a react native app just for myself (didn’t think many others needed drastic measures). The app forces me to jog to a nearby park near my apartment within 15 minutes of waking up, so it’s hard to go back to sleep after that! If I don’t do this it sends an embarrassing text from me to others.
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@aram_baghdassarian Wow, the random time between 5 and 30 seems like a great idea! If this gets some traction we'll likely implement this!
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Hahah I love this!!
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We've just come off of an amazing 24 hours! We started building SnoozeYouLose at 6 am EST yesterday, and streamed the whole process for over a thousand unique viewers on Twitch! SnoozeYouLose was inspired by a friend of mine. He set out to wake up earlier, but just couldn't do, so I volunteered to call him each morning to make sure he was up. The next morning when I called, not only was he up, but he was already at the gym! This pattern continued, but the problem wasn't totally solved... One day, I realized I wouldn't be able to call the next morning, and let him know. He didn't wake up on time. Use SnoozeYouLose Brandon!
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So how does this work? You put some money in escrow, or...?
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@samionmiles We use Stripe to store your credit card information, and ask you to authorize it for future payments, so if you sleep in, we can charge you the amount you pledged!
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Very creative! So when you pledge an amount, do you also give the location/bank account where you want it to go?