Get Google Inbox snoozed emails directly to Evernote

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Very interesting integration between Google Inbox and Evernote. Don't ever forget about snoozed emails again!
Hey @carlos_bernabeu, thanks for hunting I hope you like it !
Congrats on your launch @Sandoche. You're persuading me to user Evernote for everything.
@farbodsaraf @sandoche Thanks :) you should have a try Evernote is awsome. Have a look at
Hmm. This could be really useful. 🤔 Interesting idea.
@palakzatakia Thanks Palak you should try it
@robjama, have a look at Snoozever, it's really usefull when you use Google Inbox, Evernote and @kanbanote
Love this idea. Small note: under "Why Snoozer" there's a typo: "Ppeople using Evernote for managing tasks through methods..." -- 2 p's in people.
@manikrathee Thanks manik, just corrected it! Actually I am using Snoozever everyday so it's really handy :)