Snooze your tasks and free your mind

With Snoozerme you can snooze emails, links or any text

from your computer or mobile and get it back by email or notification when the time comes.

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Hello 👋 Product Hunt, I'm Jerome a solo maker from Canada. I started after having fallen in love with Google Inbox snooze feature. Now Inbox by Google is closing and even though they pushed most of the features back to Gmail, I wanted to be able to snooze more than just emails (and get ride of Google stuff too). So I made a way to snooze any email, text, link and more! Here's some example of my personal usage: - Got a concert ticket by email? Snooze it for the day of the event - Found a great recipe while at work? Snooze 7pm - Got a newsletter you'd like to read later? Snooze it for this week-end - Got an idea for a side-project? Snooze for this week-end when you will have more time - Found a tweet you want to reply later? Use the share feature of your phone, share it with the bot and snooze it! SPECIAL OFFER PRODUCT HUNT: Register on and get access to your personal snooze bot, accessible 24 x 7 by email and telegram (web / browser extension too) with 20 Free snoozes to test. Note: this service is still in its early stage, any feedback is super welcome. Special thanks to WIPChat community for the help and motivation! Snooze you soon
If you want to know more about how it has been made I started a Twitter thread with some details I'm going to add more during the day 😉
How does this compare/contrast to
@cornandchicken Thank you for your question. I love folloupthen and Snoozer would differentiate mostly on the channel you can use to snooze something. Snoozerme is not only about email but also give access to a Telegram bot (more platform to come) and a browser extension. My goal is to help anyone snooze anything from anywhere and get the "snooze" concept part of their day to day workflow. I hope I did answer your question 😃