Snooze Tabby

A simple way to snooze your tabs for later

#2 Product of the DayApril 30, 2018

Snooze Tabby is a simple browser extension to snooze tabs for later.

Found an interesting article or website while doing something important?

Should you bookmark it and open it later?

Problem is you don't even know if it's worth having bookmarked.

And maybe you will forget all about it.

Just snooze it for later and keep being focused now.

  • Stan Triepels
    Stan TriepelsFounder - ChiefOnboarding

    Simple, but very neat extension.


    It requires the history perm. It seems to be necessary for opening/closing tabs. I checked out the source code - all good.

    I used to have so many tabs open that I couldn't read anymore what the tabs were about (favicons can be a life saver, lol). A lot of tabs was information for something that I should get done some time. Now, I can just easily snooze them. My browser looks a lot more organized now. Really nice.

    Stan Triepels has used this product for one day.
  • Just S
    Just SOwner, Simple Lotus

    Simple. Custom snooze periods. Import data from Tab Snooze. Active development.


    No custom date + time option.

    Snooze Tabby is a very good extension. It is missing a few key features that make Tab Snooze a better option for me. While Snooze Tabby does allow for adding custom snooze periods based on number of hours, it doesn't provide the option to pick a date AND time on the fly. This is my most used feature in Tab Snooze. I prefer the grid view in Tab Snooze as it makes the selection process easier and faster. I also love the integrated ToDo list in Tab Snooze, it is a great extra feature that I find myself using more than I thought I would.

    I would still recommend Snooze Tabby for those that don't need date and time or ToDo list options. I will be keeping an eye on Snooze Tabby but I won't be making the switch as I would miss the enhanced features found in Tab Snooze.

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Hi ProductHunt 👋 I'm super excited to present Snooze Tabby. I often get distracted by something interesting, could be an article or a website. Often i will let the tabs be open while im doing something important, but this takes up memory. Sometimes i bookmark the website, but while i haven't had a chance to look at it, i don't know if the website is worth saving and sometimes i just forget all about it. I used multiple extensions to fix this, but no one lived up to my expectation. Some had bugs, some had inactive developers and some just didn't have the features im looking for. So i created Snooze Tabby and plan on expanding with new features in the coming weeks. Let me know if you have any questions!
@jacecdk This looks super useful! What happens when you close the browser -- does the snoozed list persist?
@harrisonturton Thank you so much. Everything is saved, even when closing browser. Im also working on online backup and multi device syncing :)
@harrisonturton @jacecdk please work on it. I've been waiting for so long for someone to execute it right but alas, not many have been able to. I do hope that you plan on actively working on this.
If it automatically snooze tabs when not in use for a long time, like greatsuspender will be useful Nice UI, btw . Great extension :)
@gauthamzzz Thank you and thanks for the suggestion. I will add it as a feature request on my trello board :)
Yess! No more killing tabs in Chrome task manager...
Love it! I use Firefox with a similar extension and this is very (veeeery) useful!
@akdm_ Thanks! Firefox extension is on the roadmap as well :)
@jacecdk Please make a sync functionality! I work on two computers but my snoozed tabs aren't sync, this would be awesome! (with the Firefox sync API if possible)
My prayers have been answered!!!! Thank you @jacecdk for making!! Bless your soul 🙏
@jeff_osborn Thank you 🙏 Let me know if you have any issues, feedback or feature requests! 👊
@jacecdk This product was made for me. I've already used it a ton. I'll share some feedback when I have a little more. The main thing I can think of now is that it would be nice to have the option set a custom day/time
@jeff_osborn Thats great, glad you like it! The option to pick a custom date with time is coming in next release. You can always send feedback on :)