A music sleep timer 😴🎢

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@troyrizzo App looks great, looking forward to trying it tonight! I'd be interested to hear whether you'd considered hooking in to the device's accelerometer to capture taps on the back of the device? I'm thinking that a user may want to place the device screen-down rather than screen-up to hide the (albeit very dim) display.
@farpixel that's an amazing idea. I'm try and get it in the next release. Thanks for the tip!
@troyrizzo Fantastic! Look forward to seeing how it comes out.
Snoosic allows you to listen to music or audiobooks from any app, then after a set time tailored to your needs, will pause the audio and put your device in sleep mode.
@troyrizzo Very nice! Just wondering: can you add 60 minutes as a sleeptimer option? There are lots of podcasts that last just a bit under one hour...
@t55 Hi Ton! Snoosic is designed to accomodate 4 time increments 5, 15, 30 and 45 mins so you miss as little of your podcast as possible when you fall sleep. If you choose 45 mins though, and were still awake through to the end, you'll hear 3 soft beeps at the -30 sec mark. At this point you can add 10min to the timer automatically by tapping anywhere on the screen, which minimises physical disturbance so you don't loose your sleepy chill!
@troyrizzo Thanks for the info Troy, that was indeed what I discovered in the App store but I was hoping you would add a single tap setup for 60 min in a next release. As I understand one can only listen to 45 mins max and get extra 10 mins sleeptime by tapping the screen.....
@t55 I'm looking into adding a custom timer in a future release as a 5th option. 😜
@troyrizzo Glad to hear that. Nice!
My sleeping flow includes listening to music. I used Songza for 2 years for this purpose. The reason being a great feature it had: Sleep Timer. Unfortunately, Google Play Music (Google purchased Songza and integrated it in Play Music) doesn't have this. Now i use Tidal or Spotify, by creating short playlists, so i don't need to wake up in the morning with the music still playing. But the hassle to create/find those short playlists is too big. But your app could easily solve this need. Kudos.
Thanks @amvlad. Hope you enjoy!
Been searching for something like this for awhile. Great work @troyrizzo Question: will it work with spotify?
@randylicata Snoosic works great with Spotify. That's one of my main music players as well.
The app looks great, but isn't this a built in feature in IOS? When you set up a timer, in the "When TImer Ends" choices you can scroll all the way down and choose "Stop Playing" This will achieve the same thing. What are the benefits of using Scnoosic?
@altryne The iPhone does have a timer feature build in but it's not as quick as Snoosic's single tap setup once your music is playing and it's also missing Snoosic's core feature. At the -30 sec mark Snoosic will play 3 soft tones to notify you to tap anywhere on the screen for 10 extra minutes of listening if your not quite asleep yet. Cool right?