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So.. @PoeHaH is on a mission to help us creating better websites. @PoeHaH please tell us more about this project. Who are you targeting? How did you get the idea?
Interesting. I was thinking of setting up a similar site/service that did this for testing bots and giving feedback Not sure about the $99 price tag though What tools do you use behind the scenes to assess the site?
@bentossell do it - bots are the hype today :). We're not using that many tools except for Browserstack and good ol' Chrome devtools :). Most of the checks are performed by humans (myself and @miene, our editor). Getting a feel of the website is important, so I prefer to actually dig in myself. Do you think $99 is too expensive for the report? I'm still in doubt about the pricing, but seeing as everything is human tested (& usually takes 3 hours) I think it's fair.
@poehah @miene haha I know but means I'd have to spend time trying out bots - time I do not have ;) I mean I get that it takes time and everything but I can imagine a lot of people being for and against that price. What I think you actually should think about is doing tiered pricing based on 1 website only and do it as $99, basic feedback, $199 comprehensive feedback and #299 for extensive deep dive feedback. (that is how I was going to do it) Could maybe add time constraints on the days too. so for $99 tier it may take a week, but $299 is within 24 hours. Essentially look at it in terms of the 80/20 rule. Where you want to provide most value, time etc should cost more IMO Then you may get the friction of asking 'why should I value your opinion' on their site - they can always go for the $99 option and 'upgrade'.
@bentossell makes sense! Might just change it up to that. Thanks :).
Thanks for hunting @gregoiregilbert! That's indeed my mission - as a web developer, I'd love to see every website become as good as it can be :). Creating a website for your business or service can be overwhelming - especially for online entrepreneurs that just want to launch quickly (my target market) . There is so much you have to think about, from your copy to making sure your website fits all devices and all browsers (IE is still not dead). A lot of websites make basic UI & language mistakes that are easy to solve (but can be expensive in terms of missed business opportunities). That's why I decided to help point people in the right direction, in terms of taking their website to the next level. Any Feedback would be much appreciated :)
This can help with SEO. but as I agree with Ben... even though it is done "manually" and it takes about 3 hours $99 dollars is a bit much. Especially when a lot of what is is being explained is "what is wrong" and not what to do to improve. If you would have an option of "what to do to improve" then you can move the price to $999 even and it would make sense. The UI/UX looks great but you can do most of the things that are on your site using other tools that are free. I'm not trying to bash the product here but someone that knows a little about SEO can find this free tools in about 3-4 google searches.
@philipkushmaro I agree the price point of $99 may seem a lot, especially when your main interest is finding out how well you do with SEO. Like you said, there are many free tools that help with that. However, via Snoop, you also get a professional editor looking at your content (and including a proofing sample). Usually, that alone costs more than $99. If you choose Snoop, it means you want to find out how your website is doing in multiple areas. Not just SEO. Hope that clarifies it a bit more :).