The world's most technologically advanced bassinet

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Joel Wassermandesign director
Why would I spend over a grand on a bassinet for 3-4 months when later you would upgrade to a crib? by the time the second kid comes its probably outdated anyway. Obviously this product is not for the masses. Whoever invented this doesn't get the expenses that come along with being a parent....(Probably not a parent). We spent 160 bucks on a bassinet with rocking features of amazon etc...only worked half the time. These gadgets don't work on all babies. Just for parents with sleep depravation that a desperate to try anything. Maybe give a 2 week trial money back guarantee but you need to get the price down to 200 bucks for me to remotely consider it.
Sam RizziPM/Co-Founder @Crid_io
Really like the idea but bit too expensive coz what if someone has twins then it's almost like $3000 investment.
"Exciting news! SNOO was named a winner in the @TheBump 2017 #BestofBaby Awards! Check it out: #CES2017" - @happiestbaby I didn't know this until my sibling had a baby, but the best way to calm your newborn and get them to sleep is to re-create the noises, movement, and snug environment of the womb. "Babies in utero are rocked and swayed. They're bombarded with the whooshing and gurgling sounds of their mother's body and cradled by the walls of their "room." . . Often they feel insecure and unhappy when lying alone in a quiet nursery, their arms and legs loose and flailing. . . Swaddling soothes babies by providing the secure feeling they enjoyed before birth. After months in that confining environment, Karp says, "the world is too big for them! That's why they love to be cuddled in our arms and to be swaddled." " - ** The bassinet has a thirty day trial ** If you can't afford it I still recommend swaddling your newborn and providing, via an app or Youtube, some type of white noise. (I'll upload the app or Youtube my sister used, when she herself is awake.)
Félipé Upperlife
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Is it good for the child to shake it like that?
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