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Having lead the development of a similar product, albeit with its own web tracking capabilities, and having identified many thousands of visitors manually (while we optimised our automatic identification process), I thought I would lend a few insights: 1) Google Analytics data Using Google Analytics data seems like a no-brainer, since you get tracking history on sign-up, can give visitor data backwards and it is obviously a nice shortcut, development-wise. However, you end up with only two matching criteria: Hostname and Service Provider. That's far from enough and both are unfortunately very often completely wrong in Google Analytics, making the data quite unreliable. Feed a sales agent incorrect data and you are on track to wasting a lot of his or her time. Fact: You need visitors IP address to identify visitors efficiently and you can't simply rely on reverse lookups (IP->hostname->FQDN->WHOIS data) and hostname/domain WHOIS data as matching criteria. You will need several matching methods to automate visitor identify just somewhat decently - and you need manual reviews in place. 2) Filtering out Internet Service Providers Needless to say, a visitors company information isn't useful, unless the data reveals the actual visitor. Most of your competitors unfortunately serve loads of garbage visitor data in the form of internet providers contact information instead of the actual visitors contact information. The first screenshot on your front page seems to put Snitcher in the same category. At least 3 out of 6 leads in that lists are either ISPs or hosting companies and another is a school (most likely a student). There is a very slim chance that any of those are actual visitors. That said, your low prices might counter the less-than-ideal data quality for some. Note: We are not selling our product and might not ever launch it to the public, so we aren't really a competitor.
@iamlasse Hey Lasse! Thanks a lot for the sharing your insights! That's really helpful. We've also come to the conclusion that it's best to add our own tracking pixel but are still working on this. The screenshot shown here is actually an older one. We do have much better filters in place which have removed a lot of the ISP's and public places, although it's nearly impossible to get rid of all of them at the moment. Still will be a lot easier when we have our own pixel in place though!
@jerrebm and @ducovisbeen would love to hear the story behind this? How was the development process? What hurdles did you come across while building that you could've avoided if you had taken a different path?
@bentossell Hi Ben!, we started working on this about 2 months ago because we thought it was cool to build something like this. It has been quite a challenge to get all the data in the right place and achieve high match rates. It's also been a struggle do this while staying within Google Analytics' API limits. So far so good though! We've also got some very cool features planned for later :)
@bentossell I might add to this: We started out with a completely different interface that turned out to have a terrible UX :) So we lost quite some time changing this.
@ducovisbeen @jerrebm You mentioned you're working on adding a tracking pixel. Is this to be added to your site or inside emails?
@alangarrec @bentossell The tracking pixel would work for both!
Nice idea. What service do you use for the company data? Clearbit? Fullcontact? Your UI also look really familiar (Intercom) as well as the Icon ( Apple's touch ID). Might want to look into that
@copypastaa Hey Sylvain! We're actually gathering the data ourserlves, not using any partners for this (except for Google Analytics). That's correct! I'm not a designer, neither is @ducovisbeen so we 'borrowed' a few elements from Intercom's excellent design to speed up the process. Looking into changing this soon though!
I tried it for my website and it worked fine! Not many leads found, but for those, which were found, quite helpful insights. Thanks
@ekaterinaklink Hey Ekaterina! Cool, thanks for testing out Snitcher! :)
@jerrebm i'm testing this service and the dashboard is saying "No Leads Selected" after connecting Google Analytics so I'm confused with the onboarding process you guys have. What can I do when no information is shown on the dashboard?
@johntheoak Hey Joao, Sorry, this is a bug due to the heavy load we're currently experiencing. We're doing our best to get this fixed. All your leads should be showing within an hour!