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Hi folks! Snipt creator here. Feel free to ask any questions you may have!
@nicksergeant I was turned off by the $29 one time fee. Have you thought about making it completely free? Very cool product and idea btw :)
@mager for the first few years, the product was free. It turns out that it is really difficult to keep a project running for a long time without _some_ form of income :-p
World's largest? How is GitHub not a "publishing platform"?
@toobulkeh I think they are referring to a platform specifically for "snippets".
@mbesto @toobulkeh I think they're referring to being a snippet-only platform (unlike GitHub). I copied and pasted that description. I probably should have added "One of the" to the front of it and also added "snippet".
@erictwillis @mbesto @toobulkeh I'm not sure where you saw "World's largest", we don't say that anywhere. Surely Gist would be the world's largest, though we wouldn't mind a firm second or third place :)
Store and share your coding snippets for easy reference.
By the way, for you technically minded folks, Snipt is completely open-source: https://github.com/nicksergeant/...