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The Snips team is launching a new Voice Platform that makes it easy for anyone to build an AI powered voice assistant. 🤖
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@robjama Thanks brother! The Snips Voice Platform allows anyone to build an AI powered voice assistant with ease. This is the first end-to-end platform to offer on-device ASR and NLU, while protecting user privacy. The Snips Assistant can be configured easily through our web console, which includes the ability to select from pre-built assistants or to create completely custom ones. The assistant can then be deployed to a RaspberryPi, to Linux or Android, with more platforms coming soon. Come give it a try! www.snips.ai
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Check it out in action here:
Kudos, this looks super promising ! And very glad to see a company is ditching the false dichotomy between AI and privacy that GAFA got us into !
@chevreuil totally, it's time we stop saying we have to chose between AI and Privacy!
@randhindi @chevreuil I would never say we don't need more privacy, but I wouldn't say this is the first AI-powered voice assistant "with privacy". That's misleading. Siri already protects your privacy extremely well. For instance, "When we do send information to a server, we protect your privacy by using anonymized rotating identifiers so that searches and locations can’t be traced to you personally." https://www.apple.com/privacy/ap...
I've been on the beta for some time, and built a bunch of raspi hacks for my house. Works great!
@laurent_blrs That's amazing to hear, thanks Laurent!
This is huge ! Well done ! Little precision taht snips has the best NLU performance to date ! What kind of platforms / devices are you going or looking to integrate ?
@benjmerritt thanks 🙌 There are two ways to use Snips today: - as a maker, or for prototyping on a Raspberry Pi, you can use our web console and build your assistant yourself, for free - as a commercial product maker, we can make a build that will run on your device, on any platform (Android, Linux, etc..) The whole thing is written in Rust, so it can cross-compile and works super fast!
Wow, this is pretty cool! Congrats to the team, job well done!!
@rahafharfoush Thanks so much!! The team is ecstatic seeing all of your support!