Add a layer of AI to your phone, manage all your information

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Had a chance to get on the beta of Snips. Really cool product from a super smart team! I'll let them share the details. EDIT: Snips will be demo'ing at the #BotTO meetup in Toronto on May 25th (
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@robjama Thanks for the hunt!
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Hey Product Hunt! I'm Rand, co-founder and CEO here at Snips. Really proud to show our first iOS product to you! Snips is an "intelligent memory" for your phone, which enables you to access all your data in a single place. Simply give Snips access to your calendar, contacts, email reservations, and location and it will weave your data into a knowledge graph that you can query any time you need to find an address, head to a meetings, or dig for a reservation. But perhaps most importantly, it is Private by Design, running 100% locally on your device. This means no one can see your data, except you. We'd love for you to check it out and let us know what you think! ps: full blog post here
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@randhindi Fantastic animation. Told me so much so fast.
Excited to have Snips on PH today! Our founders and VP team are standing by to chat.
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Hi Snips team. I really love your product. Had the chance to try it briefly. I really like the fact that it's Private by Design. Quick question: What happens if I lose my phone ? Is there a way to stock all my datas somewhere to prevent lossing everything ? Good luck to all of you !
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@loloamoravain thanks! Right now, you would lose your data. But we are working on an encrypted backup system, similar to what you have in your password manager. You will be able to store an encrypted backup of your data in dropbox etc.
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@randhindi Oh nice. Thanks for the answer. I'm a serial phone loser ;)
@loloamoravain ha, aren't we all.
@randhindi maybe even an optimal way to sync with iCloud? I'd def enable that!
Of course I'm biased. But I do use it everyday!
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