News in 4 second video stories plus short summaries

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Hey Guys, I am Swaroop, one of the founders of Snippt! First up thank you @NeerajT4 for the hunt, and patiently answering my queries. Was hoping we could get some feedback on this new product - Snippt - that we have recently launched on the playstore. (iOS guys, should be out in a couple of months). At Snippt we provide news in the form of 4 second headline videos plus concise summaries. Snippt was started with the mission to make news much more engaging for first time news readers/information seekers in the 16-24 age group; and to make this generation be more aware! This really had to combine news with 3 things that this target demographic are hooked onto - smartphone, video & a love for expression. 1) Snippt is mobile only - with mobile specific features like brevity and full screen at its core 2) The content formats are video first - each news content opens with a engaging video sneak peek, before the user takes a decision on whether to read more 3) We understand each user in this age group likes to express themselves in their own unique way! If you do install the app, you would have to test this feature out. Am sure, you would not have seen this kind of a share format across multiple social networks! The product is still an open canvas, and would be great if any of your inputs would help us in making Snippt a much better experience for our users! Look forward to hearing what you guys think! Thank you!
@swaroop_vij All the best! :)
A free news app that brings you the top stories of the day in the form of 4-second headline videos followed by quick content summaries.
It looks like the business part of Snapchat. Hope to see more of this type of medium. Just one question, when you share your "feelings". Who receive it?
@tsunaze hey! yes. Taking a leaf out of Instagram's playbook and being more upfront, even we are strong believers in stories as a format. But yes, the idea is to tweak it to a platform that is completely focussed on only delivering news, curated from best sources across the world. The share part is where I think we are hugely different. You can share it across any of the existing social networks! We have tweaked the share formats in a way that is relevant to both the platform you are sharing it on, and also ensure the core of "4 second video headline +short summary" is not lost in the share formats across platforms! Do have a look at it!
Nice one. How do you create those videos ? Or they generated by people or in the backend ?
@srebalaji hi, thank you for checking us out. No. The videos are created in house. Again, we feel each news has a different story and templates would really kill that. Though over time, once we scale up and curate more content that is surely in the works!
@swaroop_vij good one. Can you tell me about the news publishers you are relying to get news.
@srebalaji hey. the news sources right now are more category specific. Also, we curate the news into a shorter format right now. So even if at all it is a single news, we refer to 4-5 news sources to identify the most relevant information and post only that. Hope I have answered your question!
@swaroop_vij Thank you for answering.
I like this idea, and it would be really cool if it were somehow integrated with a feed reader like Feedly or Flipboard, because it would be like taking your digital magazine to the next level.
@margaret_hutchins thanks for your thoughts! we have never really thought of that up until this point. The only issue I see with either of the readers would be trying to get our "story" kind of format to a feed kind of format! But surely something worth thinking over! thank you.