Snippet Store

A snippet management app for developers

#5 Product of the DayAugust 06, 2018

Snippet Store is an application for developers to store their snippets and quickly retrieve them when needed. SnippetStore mainly focus on storing code therefore its interface is small and simple, perfect for busy developers who doesn't care about small details.

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Congrats on launching! What features are you most proud of in your product? @zeroxhung
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@abadesi Good question! I think I enjoy every feature in my app but the one that I'm most proud of is that my app support multi-files code snippet. Most of the code snippet management apps out there are only for macOS and doesn't support code snippet with more than 1 file so having this app really help boost up my productivity and I hope it can do the same thing with other people too.
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Great application. Hope you’ll be adding more features in the future. Electron rocks 💪
Thank you @csaba_kissi! Many cool features are comming!
I had the same idea, except in a more collaborative way: like Slack. Congrats on the launch, I can already see myself using it a lot!
Thank you @tsunaze, If you have any nice idea that you want to add, feel free to submit a feature request on github :smile:
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Really useful tool for dev, we always go back to StackOverflow for the same snippet code


clean interface, easy to use


can't export or retrieve data elsewhere