Snippet Maker

Easily make code snippets in VS Code


* Create snippets without digging into snippet file

* Uses the default snippets files for new snippets

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Very neat! Snippet noob, here. Is there a way for me to back up my snippets?
@maxjwhite currently there is no such way to do that but, as a workaround, you can open the following path `/Users/your-username/Library/Application\ Support/Code/User/snippets` and then copy the files from there.
Very sweet extension, thanks for this! Whenever I feel the need to create a snippet, the thought of the tiresome process to create one always stops me. Not anymore!!
bravo! i like it . keep it up
looks neat, I am getting a failure when trying to install this on VS Code Version 1.26.1 Unable to install because, the depending extension 'ziishaned.snippetmaker' compatible with current version '1.26.1' of VS Code is not found.