Collaborate with your friends on the same code in real time

πŸ‘‹ Hi PH! I'm Stefano and i am the maker of

I build as a side project last week in just 2 days of development. I wanted to build a tool to make developer's life a little bit easier, so i came up with the idea of an online code editor that lets you share the code with your friend and work on that in real-time.

Cheers 🍻🍻

Pietro Perona
  • Pietro Perona
    Pietro PeronaDigital Mind @Koodit

    Smart, easy and quick


    Cons? No cons!

    Easy to share snippet and little code portion with my team an collaborators. Great diff display same Github. Awesome idea guys!

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hey , good luck with the launch , I built a code snippet manager do checkout and unfortunately the names are same :) @stefano_rosso1
@achuthhadnoor Thanks for sharing! Very cool project :D I didn't check for other project with the same name unfortunately, it is a super cool name ;)
@achuthhadnoor @ozgrozer πŸ˜… well I might consider rebranding at some point πŸ˜… maybe next time I'll check the name before launching πŸ€”
@stefano_rosso1 @ozgrozer yeah after my launch on july 1st !!
hey there fellow italian maker here :)
@frcbls italian makers will rule the world some day 😁😁