Snipper App

A simple snippet manager in the menubar

#1 Product of the DayJuly 01, 2018

Snipper lets you directly manage your code snippets directly from your menu bar on Mac Os and Taskbar on Windows and Linux

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Snipper allows me to store all my frequently used code snippets with ease. It's literally a click away


Simple to use and solves the problem


None so far

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This looks somewhat like what Kite wanted to achieve 🤔 What plans do you have for the further development of this, @achuthhadnoor?
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@amrith I am planning to make it more easy to access and manage your code snippets with ease and start team collaboration !
Great idea ! This is a handy way to retrieve snippets. I built similar tool for web and launched a month back, Good luck on your launch !
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Well... I would buy and try, but your website isn't secure when signing up with email and password so I'm gone! But you have my upvote. I'll be checking back later.
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I bought it a few mins ago, installed and tried to copy paste my snippets from my Coda window (hell I am not going to type everything again) and... no copy paste support!! really?? I can only type but cannot paste anything... it was only $3 I know but I feel scammed by this...
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@antonio_davila sorry for the in convince😬 actually there is a bug during the build I will update you once the issue is resolved and thanks for the feedback for a feature request to add an easy copy feature 😊. Will add that too and update you via email And thanks for trying
@antonio_davila you can login and download the latest version And don't forget to press enter on adding each tag 😊
@antonio_davila Same here... no copy paste??!?!?