Embed conversations in any web content (including AMP!)

Snippects are embed conversations that you can place between your content to make it more engaging. It helps marketers, growth hackers, bloggers and webmasters extend the value of their content with a focus on driving audience towards the desired conversion/CTA.

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Hey Everyone πŸ‘‹ Innovation is hard, especially if you are trying to innovate in the marketing space 😊 After countless hours of development (with invaluable feedback from some of the worlds much loved brands we have been working with), we are so excited to announce the first public appearance of Snippect. Snippect is a solution targeted towards marketers, founders and owners of brands to help engage and convert visitors that come to their web pages (high traffic:Low conversion) through conversation. Any feedback or questions, let me know!
@sameeravanekar Incredible product! I think it's a fantastic way to drive more engagement from content. Can't wait to start trialling this πŸ‘ Any plans down the roadmap to integrate NLP for real-time conversions? Could be a great way to start a conversion trained by the context of surrounding content.
Thanks so much @lachlankirkwood That's an excellent suggestion, it would seem like the logical evolution. Although for now, there are some basic NLP elements that are readily available along with multiple response collection options (phone, email etc.) which can all be accessed through manual configuration of the conversation.
@sameeravanekar Sounds great, looking forward to seeing the product scale!
Interesting product. Tested on my blog. Couple of questions/observations. 1. I hope it boosts time on page/pages per session. That is the one success metric here apart from may be responses. 2. Not sure if there are branding options, I saw the Snippect logo on chat. Would love to change it for personalization. 3. The overall UX in the backened is a bit difficult to get around. Hope it improves. 4. I think bloggers are mostly concerned about subscriber growth, so if you could tie it with something that boosts growth (like FB likes or Email subscription), it'd be nice. 5. Page load time - I haven't tested fully but you guys mentioned that it is taken care of. I dread adding another JS code to the footer, but if it's harmlsss - great! Thanks
I think this is a really good idea. I can see how this would increase interaction without triggering the usual suspicion from forms or chat bot pop ups.
Thanks @oli_woods this is exactly the problem we are trying to solve :)
Beautiful product. Pop-ups and chatbot are so annoying. This is so smooth and seamless. Being in content marketing industry, this seems like the perfect tool for me and my clients. Superb product.
Great idea @sameeravanekar though I think the pricing is too high for bloggers which you say on the website your product is for expecially as I would anticipate they would want access to AMP and data export
Thanks @krishnade we agree and are working towards supporting AMP in the basic plan and increasing it slightly to accommodate this feature. Would love to hear your thoughts πŸ™‚
@sameeravanekar That would be helpful - if you are aimed at an enterprise solution then the pricing is probably OK. Feel free to message me directly if you would like to discuss your app if I can be of assistance
I absolutely will! Thanks so much @krishnade πŸ™‚