Snipe for eBay

Tinder for eBay. Swipe to bid.

We actually stealth launched this a few weeks ago when we were still messing with it. Didnt tell any family or friends that it was available and ended up with nearly 700 users before publishing the update that is available now!
Fantastic for Christmas purchases! Especially when I can make up my mind
I've been following the development and growth of this app for a little while now, and from what I've seen it works pretty damn well. The main description on the app store pretty much covers it: "Snipe shows you all the auctions you want to see that are about to end for you to make a last minute bid, ignore or check again before it ends (if it hasn't been snipe'd by someone else already). You already do this with eBay, why not have an app that knows it."
Been working with @evilspyboy for awhile now getting this bad boy ready for prime time. Was so happy to see Apple approved it in time for Christmas shopping! It's been an interesting ride filled with bug reports and feature requests but I'm glad that my team and I could help out with the development. Andrew's got a great app on his hands. Now I just want to see it converted into an app to Snipe domains as they expire!
@itsthisjustin Later... first, need to save Christmas! (Then possibly have some sort of stop motion telemovie made about it where I have a snowman sidekick with a magic hat)
@evilspyboy With all the legos we had to buy off ebay to test this!
@itsthisjustin Shh, dont tell them about that. Everyone will want a Lego Minifig wearing a Unicorn Onesie like I got using the app. Because it's awesome.