Snipcart 3.0

Custom e-commerce for developers. New cart & customization.

Snipcart is a shopping cart developers can easily integrate into any website in minutes. This new version (v3.0) pushes cart & checkout customization much further.
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Hey PH, I’m Francois from Snipcart! 👋 Our product lets you add e-commerce to any site in minutes. It’s HTML/JS-based and works with tools you love: SSG, headless/traditional CMS, JS frameworks, SPA, etc. In this version, we focused on our client-facing JS shopping cart : - It doesn’t depend on any third-party libraries in the global scope (bye jQuery). We used modern tools like Vue.js, but worked hard so you don’t have to deal with them while integrating. - This new design is sober, built to fit most websites with little changes. We followed best UX practices for a conversion-centric checkout flow. Also used a mobile-first approach. - We made it easier to inject your aesthetics through the checkout. From colors and animations to adding or deleting fields, you can do lots of stuff. We now have an HTML-like syntax making it easy to play with cart components. - You can easily override templates for a full-page cart, a small, centered modal, or a slide-in, right-sided one, etc. Snipcart still offers a hosted dashboard for store management: discounts, abandoned carts, payment gateways, shipping, invoicing, multi-currency, taxes, & more. We have an SDK coming up, and a couple features to reach v2.0 parity, but this version is 100% ready to hit production. 🚀 Feel free to check out our new documentation! Snipcart is forever free in Test mode. We’re offering a discount for Product Hunters—hit the website via this product card to get it. Happy to answer questions! 🙇‍♂️
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@the_fln congrats on the launch! this is the future of ecommerce! i did play and use with it today!
@the_fln Hi Francois: Congrats ! ..... Do you already have the snipcart v3.0 plugin for joomla? I am currently using the plugin with V2.0
@jcasoft Thanks 😊 Unfortunately, we are not the ones developing third party plugins for Snipcart - so I can't answer your question precisely. Maybe contact the Joomla plugin creators directly?
Hi! Congratulations to the team. I am stocked with this release and to see all these new features 🤘
Hey! Good job to the Snipcart team. The new design feels really good and I'm sure I won't be the only one to appreciate the removal of jQuery dependency :) Is there a list of features missing for v2 parity somewhere?
@olivier_rousseau1 Thanks for the kind words! We're so stoked that jQuery isn't a dependency anymore. Yes, we do have a list of features we still have to implement, you'll find them at the bottom of this page:
Congrats on the launch! This is a huge milestone. The new demo is great, keep up the fantastic work ❤️
@notrab Thanks heaps Jamie 🙇‍♂️
Congrats on the launch, I think you guys can act as billing system for some of the nocode SAAS as well.