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#2 Product of the DayOctober 10, 2015

Snipcart is a developer-centric, flexible e-commerce solution. After injecting a snippet of JS to your project, you can define products directly in your HTML. All of your e-commerce logic can effectively be handled in the frontend, which makes it easy to integrate in web apps, static sites, or even old school CMS.

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Nice to see this on PH. Using it for more than a year, so far so good! And as a developer, it is really easy to integrate. Great work guys!
The v2.0 is awesome. I love the idea of being able to make real apps with this in no time. And one of the best documented tools out there. well done guys!
@yassinelanda Hey thanks Yassine! Much appreciated :)
Add rich e-commerce functionalities on top of any website, static or dynamic.Add a few simple lines of code to your website and start selling digital and physical products all over the world. Using basic CSS, customize your shopping cart to match your website's brand experience. Keep customers on-site through the whole checkout.Use a full back-office management dashboard to track sales, orders, customers and more.
@kwdinc Is this pretty similar to SimpleGoods or Gumroad?
@mrkevinhype @kwdinc SimpleGoods and Gumroad are both excellent and elegant solutions, but their focus is more on selling digital goods and one-click checkouts. Snipcart is more developer-oriented and tends to lean on the "shopping cart platform" side: offering physical/digital goods, many integration possibilities (with our API & webhooks), a hosted admin dashboard, real-time shipping estimates, and more.
@couellet @kwdinc And they support us! (Australian payment gateway)

Integrate a shopping cart and a lot of essentials e-commerce features with any tech stack. It allowed us to hand pick the technologies we love for developing websites and still have a great e-commerce experience.


Fast and easy to integrate with any tech stack. Great support. A lot of essential features for e-commerce.


Dev oriented, this is not a WYSIWYG e-commerce site builder. It is also a pro in a best of breed thinking.

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It's cool, is it also for downloadable digital files?
@mister_creativ digital goods can be handled via our webhooks quite easily as of right now, but not out-of-the-box. Definitely near the top of our roadmap though!
@the_fln Thank you! I am a pure designer and using Gumroad right now for my digital products selling. Could you guide me somewhere I can learn more about how to use webhooks to sell digital goods easily via snipcart?
@mister_creativ digital goods now handled out-of-the-box with Snipcart, thought I'd give you a quick heads up.