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This team have just beta-launched a browser extension that lets you snip and share content directly from a web page. Let's say you want to add a website screenshot or image to share with a Tweet, this helps you save time and simplifies the usual process of having to screen grab, save image to the computer, compose tweet & add image, and then tweet. It lets you do it all from the browser window instead, making a much slicker faster process. I'd love to get comments and thoughts from everyone on this. Edit: Happy 4th July to all the dedicated Product Hunters from the USA here today :-)
@prattarazzi @petejayhuang This is great. I screenshot all the time, then need to go through the process of finding it on my desktop, etc. I can see this saving me a lot of hassle. Definitely one of those things that's so incredibly simple in premise, but that I can see myself using a ton. If it's as easy as the description makes it seem, then I'm a happy camper. Great job with this guys!
@adammarx13 @prattarazzi I can totally relate, I have allll the shortcuts on windows perfected but it's still too frustrating. Please try it so we can learn, measure, build :)
@adammarx13 Hey Adam, the simplicity thing is what I'm interested in too! @petejayhuang , I hope you fight for the product to remain super-simple and usable as you build it out from the beta! We'll be watching closely ;-)
@prattarazzi Super simple is my middle name! Super usable isn't though unfortunately.
Hey guys - i love it! very simple and makes sharing a breeze. I'm excited to see this develop. To be honest, there's lots of ways to share similarly on social media (e.g. buffer lots of others), but very few over email, slack etc. I think that's your opportunity. This is something my team and i would use right now internally
@shanehvizdzak We should chat in more length later, I would love to understand (and potentially fix) any frustrations. All it takes is a bit of listening :)
@petejayhuang Hey, can you let the community know what to expect when they request early access on your website? How long will it take? Will everyone get it, etc. Also, what gave the team the idea for the product? Was it to save yourselves time and effort in sharing content?
Oh my am I excited to show you what we have built! The first version is ready, which will give you ability to take a screenshot, select images, text or GIFs for sharing. This will begin with email sharing only, (which is ready now!). Next, we'll be working flat out with integrating Twitter and Facebook (2 weeks time). We want to do Twitter first, but let us know your preferences! @prattarazzi we'll make a high level post on our inspiration!
Hi all, first of all, I feel honoured to be posted on this dream of a community. Thanks to @prattarazzi for the hunt! We built this tool because we saw how the sharing process could be made more elegant. We also noticed the ridiculous lengths people go to, to just share some things. I'm looking at you Windows snipping-toolers and you Mac screen-shotters! We made this so that you had flexibility with what you can share, and the power to push it to any platform. This includes pushing to other devices. More importantly, you don't lose the sharing moment. Primarily we come here to learn, so please give us thoughts and feedback of any sort. We are eager to hear your words. Meanwhile, we'll be working hard on the beta-release. It's 1:20am UK time, so forgive me for any late responses.
This reminds me of @oneshot but for desktop. I think they're great but I often Tweet from my desktop and have been looking for an easy way to highlight parts of webpages. Right now it looks as though you can only use your product with email and only on a few sources (Facebook, BuzzFeed, etc.). Once you're integrated with social and any website I could see myself using your product regularly.
@daveparkhere Thanks for commenting! Perhaps we didn't explain our product well enough. We are actually a browser extension that can snip from any source and any media type (text, image, GIF, video or the whole page if you wish). In terms of outbound integrations, yes, only email is currently working (but the obvious social networks are coming). We've got some novel integrations coming later that will set us apart from the rest - watch this space :)