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David Ikuye
David IkuyeMaker@d4ve · UX Entrepreneur
I've been looking for a handy chrome plugin which allows me store the essences of everything I read and hear online! None of the existing solutions solved my needs – so I've build my own tool and made it available to the public. Enjoy!
Swan Htet Aung
Swan Htet Aung@swanhtet1992 · Scala Beginner | Android Sorcerer
@d4ve Hey, that's really great. I always wanted such tool on web. Almost every platforms are keeping this feature on their own platform and it is very limited. In fact, I tried building similar tool last year on android but couldn't able to push it beyond side-project level. Now, you built the tool (at least for web) that simply works! Awesome! I love it. :)
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
Would be cool to have this not only store your highlights but to be able to tweet them too @d4ve
Fraser Smith
Fraser Smith@frassmith · Software Developer, Shanghai, China
I'm a bit confused. I thought this was a Chrome extension, but really it's a web site. Nice idea, I do like it, but the Chrome extension seems to be no more than a packaged bookmark. Do you plan more functionality for the extension?
David Ikuye
David IkuyeMaker@d4ve · UX Entrepreneur
@frassmith Fraser, thx for your feedback on the extension. I do plan to build more features. However, as a starting point and MVP - I wanted it to be as simple as possible. As for now it serves to save highlighted phrases (highlight and right click).
Payal Lal
Payal Lal@redanklet · Creator of Social MOOC Taker
Is there a way to sync this with the highlights I save on my kindle?
David Ikuye
David IkuyeMaker@d4ve · UX Entrepreneur
@redanklet Hi Payal. I'm not sure if that is feasible. I'll look into that very soon. Thx for your feedback!
Han Hua
Han Hua@hhua_ · Hack@Google
@d4ve @redanklet You can find your kindle highlights here. Good job on the app! This is the one I've been always looking for.
Mattia-io@visualaddicted_ · Interaction Designer
is the app down?? Trying to retrieve my data but Modulus error page shows up !!
David Ikuye
David IkuyeMaker@d4ve · UX Entrepreneur
@visualaddicted_ should be working. Can you try again?