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I've been looking for a handy chrome plugin which allows me store the essences of everything I read and hear online! None of the existing solutions solved my needs – so I've build my own tool and made it available to the public. Enjoy!
@d4ve Hey, that's really great. I always wanted such tool on web. Almost every platforms are keeping this feature on their own platform and it is very limited. In fact, I tried building similar tool last year on android but couldn't able to push it beyond side-project level. Now, you built the tool (at least for web) that simply works! Awesome! I love it. :)
Would be cool to have this not only store your highlights but to be able to tweet them too @d4ve
I'm a bit confused. I thought this was a Chrome extension, but really it's a web site. Nice idea, I do like it, but the Chrome extension seems to be no more than a packaged bookmark. Do you plan more functionality for the extension?
@frassmith Fraser, thx for your feedback on the extension. I do plan to build more features. However, as a starting point and MVP - I wanted it to be as simple as possible. As for now it serves to save highlighted phrases (highlight and right click).
Is there a way to sync this with the highlights I save on my kindle?
@redanklet Hi Payal. I'm not sure if that is feasible. I'll look into that very soon. Thx for your feedback!
@d4ve @redanklet You can find your kindle highlights here. Good job on the app! This is the one I've been always looking for.
is the app down?? Trying to retrieve my data but Modulus error page shows up !!
@visualaddicted_ should be working. Can you try again?