Buy stickers of your Snapchat QR code

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Awesome idea! I really love that you are offering PH users 10% back via Snapcash if they follow you on Snapchat!
@_ryangilbert We love ProductHunt, so it's the least we could do! :)
@dswiese :-) I totally understand you meant this as a joke, but I did want to jump in and share a few thoughts + background on how this silly idea came about. While what you shared is a popular opinion to express, there has been some really interesting applications of QR codes as of late (Rooms and Snapchat are two clever examples IMO). As you probably imagine, stickers aren’t our focus at @Stublisher. We build interactive installations, digital products and art pieces. The impact of integrating software into physical environments can sometimes be hard to measure, yet as we build out more branded experiences, measuring engagement / ROI becomes even more important. We're continuously looking to experiment with new ways to do so. Goals obviously vary based on project but generally analytics, sales conversions etc. are more sophisticated approaches, yet growing social is low hanging fruit and always a win. Snapchat continues to evolve around broadcasting and without question is becoming one of the most powerful mediums for influencers and brands to communicate with their audience. So, while the infamous QR code is a joke, when Snaptags were launched we started to brainstorm how they might be applied back in the physical world. We're particularly interested to see how Snapchat and their community of amazing creators, brands and retailers are together going to push Snaptags beyond their current capability of simply adding usernames and utilize them in new and unique ways (IRL)!
@Stublisher @kylebanuelos absolutely! The above sentiment come from many years of failed qr code implementation. I look forward to someone doing it right!
Wow LOVE. Already got myself some and if they're awesome I'll definitely be getting some of these for our @Naritiv snappers.
Snicker is simple: screenshot your Snapchat QR code, upload it to the app, and purchase your stickers! Stickers are 3" x 3" and will increase your chances of becoming Snapchat famous.
I can imagine these all over the streets of NYC
@jackdweck Crossing my fingers!