Always on video chat for teams

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@stefaniwhylie · Founder @ SimpleKeep
Been dying for something like this to come out since Sqwiggle's unfortunate demise. Tried it out, and we like it a bit more than Sqwiggle. Fast, and we haven't had any issues with quality.
Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
Like an always on team call, which you forget about so it could be bad if you like picking your nose! (from their site haha)
Tom Moor
Good to see Sqwiggle's legacy continue :) Best of luck!
May Habib
@mayhabib · qordoba.com
have wanted something like this forevs!! were piloting at qordoba as of yesterday. will let you know what we think! 22 people in 5 locations!
jake duncan ☕️
@jkdncn · two-way dual-language bilingual educator
I've used Portal but never stuck with it. I'm really liking this after just trying it out today. Cool stuff!