Over 40,000 Sneakers from more than 100 shops worldwide.

#2 Product of the DayApril 28, 2019
Sneaker search engine with 40,000 Sneakers from over 100 sneaker shops worldwide. Sounds simple? It is!
Our Motto: Search. Find. Buy.
Features: Top-Brands, price alert, size filter, watch list, 10 languages.
Never miss a pair again...
Felix Mak
Naoki Tanaka
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    Easy handling, great site design, very simple and intuitive make up. Never wann order anywhere else.


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Love the ease of the desktop site
@comparecarpart thanks! design was made by @Pietervanest
Great site! Nuxt seems to be a great framework for SSR. Would love to know about the product and how it works and the benefits of buying sneakers through this app vs others
@athadi, actually, that's really nice idea. Thanks for your product, I'm sure that I will use it in my sneaker shopping. So, I'm interested how is Trending sneakers works? You just have list from other site or you made self-own algorithm for that?
@r0ooman thank you. currently we are trying out our algorithm. It seems that it works well of course we need more infos to get a better result.
Congrats on the launch @athadi I'm an investor and would be very interested in finding out more about your company. Please DM me on twitter: oscarlance_
@oscarlance_ thanks! you can get in touch with us via mail.