Never rent again. Custom Suits/Tuxes/Shirts in 14 days

SnapSuits fills a big void in the current suit and tuxedo industry that is dominated by big box retailers and rental companies. The goal is create custom fitting suits for anyone that wants to look great in a suit, but not pay the hefty markup or rent a soiled old tuxedo. ProductHunters can use the code "Jan15" to get 10% off! If you're a groom or groomsman, wear suits everyday at your job, or just want a better fit -- we can help. We are really looking forward to getting ProductHunter's feedback.
Looks like good prices! $40 for a custom shirt... NOT BAD! Also the customizer was helpful for sizing a huge dude like myself.
Great UX - love the flow to different collections.
@tori funny you should say that!! the "snap" in snapsuits comes from the 14 day delivery and fast turnaround. The Suitsy is pretty awesome, though...
Sounds like a great service. I'm going to be trying this in the next few months. The return policy looks solid as well. How are you able to keep your costs so low? Where are your fabrics coming from and where do you do the tailoring? Also, a suggestion would be if you had recommended tailors in a person's area. Great job and looking forward to ordering my suit.
@jadlimcaco thanks for the feedback, Jad! Excited to have you. Ours suits are made by a family owner tailor in China that has been making suits for the past 25 years outside of Hong Kong. We couldn't be happier with the quality and feel.