An archive of advice from Mark Suster on Snapchat

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Eric Willis
Working on something new
I like Mark Suster's snaps so much that I would pay for the content. If you've missed his snapstorms, there is now a dedicated site to view them.
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Tweets by Musolé 🇿🇲 🇺🇸 🇦🇴Marketing+SocialMedia+Crypto | #Travel
@erictwillis I just discovered Mark thanks to PH. Absolutely love him!
Suzanne Nguyen
A curious geek of the future
Yay, no more #FOMO. @msuster's snapstorms are more like mini lectures of Economics & now's there's a dedicated site for it.
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Moshe/Moses IsaacianStrategist and tech geek
I used to frantically write down notes for every Snapstorm Mark would have and rewatch them in fear I missed out on good info. I'm so glad this exists because the knowledge I've gained has been so valuable and now I can access it all the time
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Interesting updated form of blogging, Snapchat is a platform that's typically associated with a younger crowd so it's interesting to see how businesses and influencers are planning to target this audience. A huge thing to break into, millennials are all about the gratification from quick obtainment of information - Snapchat is the ideal source of this. Mark's snaps don't feel like a void of dissipated social media time, I actually get something useful out of a quick follow.
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Ravi VyasGrowth at
The videos don't seem to load for me :/ .. also for those looking to watch the videos on the move, this is basically just a list of videos... you can use the app and follow Mark there too :) Edit- Link :
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Mark Suster
@ravivyas84 that's true and vidme is a great place to watch them. what i'll do next step with the blog is provide links where you can read more information if you're interested. that will be a v2.
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Alex Benzer
Co-founder @ Knowable
@ravivyas84 I can help! Are they buffering or are you just seeing a black square? Can you shoot us some more info here so I can troubleshoot?
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