The soundboard for Snapchat videos

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Hi all! I made SnapSounds on a weekend after seeing an article about Snapchat on iOS having started allowing audio to be played during video snaps practically begging for this app to be made. In the past year Dubsmash has proved to be a hit with teens through the miming and acting of famous funny quotes & so on. I felt this experience of sending a funny video you’ve made to a friend could be heavily improved with the direct use of Snapchat, rather than sharing to more traditionally permanent social networks. I’ve never created an app before so it may be a little rough but I plan many improvements for the future. I’m also wide open for feedback and ideas! Happy snapping!
I'm interested to see new Snapchat integrations emerge from a consumer and growth perspective, although these hacks may not last for very long. Mindie gave users the ability to broadcast 10-second music videos to their story... until it was shut down. We'll see if Snapchat ever opens their API for things like this.