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Thank you so much Eric for hunting us! It's a huge honour and we're thrilled to be back on Product Hunt! While building a new training app with @fitmencook, the first part we decided to build was a little app to allow people to take great before and after pictures. We added a silhouette so you can line up the picture and then once you've taken that first picture, we overlay it the next time you open the camera. That way, you can always line up the perfect shot. Then, we created a side by side comparison and eventually a timelapse feature, where you could put together a video showing how you've changed over time. Myself and my team are all on our individual fitness journeys (as our many of our friends/family who we've pulled in to help us launch our new fitness app by being our testers) so we've been using Snapsie thoroughly. We took the decision that this was too useful a little app not to release in to the world, so at the start of this year we made some improvements to make it a little easier on the eye and today we're launching it in to the world! I hope you get plenty of use out of it on your fitness goals.
Ayy congrats @fitmencook - love your app, can't wait to try this one out!
It's great to see more FitMenCook related apps. Excited about giving Snapsie a go!
This is perfect timing for me, I'm pumped to put this to good use, awesome work! Two quick thoughts: more flexibility on reminders would be great (a daily option, specifically), and for whatever reason, the salmon colour used as the main theme/icon colour just doesn't seem quite right. A non-orange/red/pink theme would work well here, IMO, though I can't quite articulate why. Regardless, this is a really polished release, and a great way to turn people on to the main FMC app.
While we all look in envy at Kevin's abs, it wouldn't be fair if you didn't see the commitments us mere mortals are making by working on this product. The main use of this app is the before/after shot, which you'll see an example of in this pic. As @andreaskam mentions, it's been a fun little project to work on and with New Years resolutions very much underway, we're hoping it'll prove to be an invaluable free tool for all of you to track your weight losses / muscle gains throughout 2017. Can't wait to see those transformations!