All your brand's social profiles, one weekly report.

For every person on the front lines of social media who needs every stat, there's someone who just wants or needs to keep an eye on things. That's Snapshot. Key stats and top posts from every profile in one simple report delivered directly to your inbox every week and month.

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I dig this. Have you considered adding a trial or free version of Snapshot, @greggblanchard? Not sure how this would affect conversion to paid but I'd be much more eager to subscribe if I could receive a report for our social accounts first.
@rrhoover Thanks, Ryan. Means a ton coming from you and really appreciate the comment. It is something I've considered and actually tested. In this case (not the case for all the stuff I've built) conversion was almost identical. Trial did raise conversion a teeny tiny bit, but given the time I saved not having to support trial users (and the limited time I have for my side projects) I decided to drop it. If I had more time to dedicate tot he project I'd almost surely bring it back.
2nd that what @rrhoover said. If I could see the report thats being send, I would definitely subscribe.
@rrhoover @jimmycowe Appreciate the feedback and totally get it. In this case, if you could get a sample report sent to your inbox would that help close that gap a bit?
Good morning, Product Hunt! Snapshot will never be the next unicorn analytics platform or Google's next big acquisition, but it solves the simple problem a lot of SMB owners, CEOs, etc have of being really curious about how their brand is doing on social media but not having a simple way of keeping track. My co-maker, Patrick Sande, isn't (yet) on Product Hunt, but we're actually co-workers during the 9-5 and use this side hustle to work on our dev/design (me) and product (Patrick) skills together. Between young kids and loving the outdoors, we don't have the resources to make "the next big thing" but we love building tools that help our fellow marketers and would love to hear any feedback the talented folks on PH would be willing to share. Thanks!
@greggblanchard Hi Gregg, Have you started with outbound prospecting ?
@shreyaa_ratra Hi Shreyaa, good question. We haven't, but given the pricepoint and self-service model, it's something we aren't planning to ramp up for a while still.
Congrats Gregg! Love the simplicity of the product. I also like how you guys have leveraged the same infrastructure to build different products. Is snapshot the main one you're focused on? If not, how do you approach marketing/selling all the different tools?
@anderson760 Thanks so much, Joe! For now, exactly, Snapshot is the main focus. I'm sure our marketing approach will evolve over time, but our thinking is to put a month or two into building something new and then a month or two in marketing each thing after we launch. The hope is two-fold; first, the shared infrastructure you mentioned will help us spend less time building each tool and, second, because they're all under the same brand/admin area, the more we can drive interest in one the more we can (hopefully) drive interest in all. Both of which would be big wins for a couple side-hustlers like ourselves.
Do you consider implementing any sort of API to connect with other tools (like SM scheduling)?
@vladcalus Hi Vlad, great idea. It's actually something a couple early users requested but we haven't entertained quite yet. Mostly focused on the analytics portion for now, but that's an idea worth pursuing down the road for sure.
Very cool - like how these are laid out visually. Just signed up!
@brendonrell Great to have you on board, Brendan! Never hesitate to reply to an email or report and let @psande and I know what thoughts, ideas, etc. you have.