#4 Product of the DaySeptember 22, 2019
Snapshelf is a simple snap and save OCR scanner app powered by Apple's new Vision framework for iOS 13
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Looks super handy!
@wavy Thank you!
I downloaded this and tried it out. Whenever I attempt to make changes like crop and paper type ( bland and white, color etc. ), the app will crash. Also the OCR captured does not complete show the text as it was originally formatted. You will have to use other apps to fix this. To me, keeping the original text format would be great. I like the app overall but it needs to be tweaked. Congratulations!
@haitianwatcher Hey James, thanks for the feedback, truly appreciated! I will look into the crash issue and fix it in the next update (if you have more details on how to reproduce it, would appreciate if you could send it over to hello@snapshelf.app). Keeping the original text format is something I would love to add in the future and is a great idea! :)
Hey everyone, I made this little tool so you can take a picture and save it as an editable text snippet -- perfect if you want to turn a hard copy into an editable document!
I a like the idea, would like to try it. But can't download because I don't have iOS13 :(
@0xsven Hey Sven, unfortunately the app will require iOS13 as it's powered by Apple's new Vision framework to do OCR
I can't find this on the app store for iphone X, is it coming soon?