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#3 Product of the WeekJanuary 01, 2018

Snappykit is a new way of creating websites for mobile apps.


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    awesome site for creating landingpages

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Denis VyazovoyMaker@denchikceo · CEO & Founder of
Happy New Year everyone. Very unexpectedly, @v2s2c next time ask us before posting. Recently we launched beta, we still have a lot of work, now we are collecting feedback, I hope you will help us with it. About us Snappykit is a new way of creating websites for mobile apps. Amazing website proves your app's legitimacy, increases conversion rate and connects users to an app in general. Therefore, it's an important marketing element. That's why we've developed a unique service enabling mobile developers to create stunning, highly-functional, responsive websites in minutes. Our key advantages: 1. Search Option We have developed a search function that allows you to find any app on the App Store or Google Play and transfer all of its elements (description, icon, screenshots etc.) to our templates. 2. Unique Site Editor We have a long thought of how to make the creation of sites for mobile apps. It's super easy to use and will let you create a website in just a few simple steps. 3. Variety of Beautiful Templates We've reviewed thousands of app websites, took the best and created beautiful templates. Now mobile developers can create stunning websites that will make an app stand out among tons of others. Especially for our beta testers from producthunt, we made 50% DISCOUNT on any plans. Discount will be valid for 1 year subscription period. Promo code: producthunt (it will be active under January 31st) If you have any questions, ask us)
Shubhankar Kahali@xedro · Founder & CEO, Hyperpage
Looks great! good job @denchikceo
Denis VyazovoyMaker@denchikceo · CEO & Founder of
@xedro thx 😊
Daniel Sodkiewicz@dansodkiewicz
@denchikceo another creator being a victim of work posted here too early? 😟
Denis VyazovoyMaker@denchikceo · CEO & Founder of
@dansodkiewicz unfortunately yes🙁
Sebastian Crossa@sebastiancrossa · Creator and designer
Congrats on making the experience as beautiful as it can be. Makes it feel 10 times better. Going to be trying it out for my future projects :)
Denis VyazovoyMaker@denchikceo · CEO & Founder of
@sebastiancrossa Thank you so much👍
eboy@eboy · Art Director & Illustrator.
Excited to try it but had a problem trying to create a password.
Denis VyazovoyMaker@denchikceo · CEO & Founder of
@eboy Hey Hmm, Can you send me screenshot on mail?
eboy@eboy · Art Director & Illustrator.
@denchikceo just sent a screenshot to you.
Denis VyazovoyMaker@denchikceo · CEO & Founder of
@eboy thanks 🙂
eboy@eboy · Art Director & Illustrator.
@eboy excited to try it