Snappr 2.0

Stunning photography on-demand, at affordable fixed prices



Matt Schiller
@mdschiller · Co-founder at Snappr
Thanks @katmanalac for hunting us! Very excited to be launching in the US. This week the Snappr platform is also taking bookings with as little as 1 hours notice in some areas, for the first time! The team is very keen to hear what features you need from a photography service
Kat Manalac
@katmanalac · Partner, Y Combinator
Snappr just launched in the US with a new platform! They make it easy to book an affordable photographer when you need one. A lot of YC founders have been using them for headshots and team photos. They're available in the SF Bay Area and will be coming to other cities soon. Congrats team :)
João Henrique Reichert
@joao_henrique_reichert · iOS Developer
That's amazing! Do you have plans to lauch Snapptr outside US?
Ernest Semerda
@ernestsemerda · Aussie in Silicon Valley
Love it! Already used it :) sooooo simple to book a quality photographer. Cheers peeps!
@bryantchou · co-founder, webflow
I've always thought a service like this is needed. Especially around wedding photography, where it's difficult to browse through photographers to find one that suits your tastes. One Q: why is there such a big price difference between "all photos" and "6 photos"? To the user it looks like the same amount of time/work, but the deliverable seems deliberately scarce for no particular reason - would be nice to explain that on the marketing site.

Also this is a awesome Webflow site! Great usage of the CMS to display different types of data. 📷
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