Affordable, on-demand professional photographers πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

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Currently available in Australia, but Im sure there is ambition to expand. Ed and Matt from Snappr demoed the idea and product tonight at Product Hunt Sydney
@elbahnasy add them as makers :)
@elbahnasy Whaaat, there's a Product Hunt Sydney meetup? That sounds really cool, would love to see one up here in Brisbane!
@jordsta ah yeah there has been for some time now
This is way too cool. I wish this thing was available in Greece. But won't happen anytime soon :P
@jwr_ Give it a year or so and we may be in Greece...:-)
Epic! Love seeing Aussie innovators on PH. Can't wait to book a shoot...
@jasonbereklewis Looking forward to it!
I am going to promote this at one of my events next month to 300 business owners. Hope it helps.
@dale_beaumont that would be great! let me know if you want some marketing materials!
very much like us @perfocal :D good job!