YouTube for stories

Some stories are just too good to disappear after 24 hours.

On Snappd you can watch & discover great stories.

Explore videos from categories that you are interested in.

Don't let your Snapchat or Instagram stories go to waste we have the perfect place for them here at Snappd. From a few taps share videos across social media.

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Hey Product Hunt! We are very excited to launch Snappd on Product Hunt today 😀 Around this time last year stories on Snapchat started to really take on a whole new level with lots of creators taking time to make quality stories, shows & takeovers. These stories would then either be lost or squished into a platform like YouTube where it really does not fit in. Enter Snappd feel free to read more of the story on medium Android users we 💖 you too, please see the waiting list on the website for now. There are some amazing stories on the app already feel free to check them out and we are looking forward to your feedback and will be here all day to answer any questions you have!
@russellbarnard Congratulations on launching
@krishnade Thank you 😀 The app has changed a lot since you would have seen at beta stage 🙂
@russellbarnard Yes I have it on my phone and saw the update come through!
This is a cool way to discover stories around what I'm interested in. I've been using the beta for a while and it's great :-) Congrats to the Snappd team!
Wow, this looks super polished. Congrats on the launch Creeshla & Russell 🙌 My first thought is, can you post your Snappd stories to Snapchat/Instagram? Is it the same 10 second format? Or is it the other way round, where Snappd takes your Snapchat/Instagram stories and imports them into Snappd? In an ideal case, you'd be able to create the story once, and it automatically syndicate out to the other two of the three (Snappd/Snapchat/Instagram).
@fredrivett Awesome thanks really appreciate it! :D At the moment Snappd is ideal for Snapchat / Instagram creators to upload their best stories so they are not lost after 24 hours. - We are always looking for more sustainable ways to automate this process but at the moment stories can either be uploaded to the app from camera roll or shared to Snappd via Snapchat memories. So whilst you cannot create stories directly on Snappd (at the moment) you can upload and redistribute your stories so that you can have a catalog of your past content, which can then easily be shared across social media.
@russellbarnard Gotcha, that process makes sense. I definitely think it would take it up a whole 'nuther level if you could get automation going there, and syndication too. Trust you'll do so as soon as you're able to find a way, as you say. I'm not using Snapchat/Instagram stories much right now, but will keep this in mind as I might start doing so more. Hope launch day goes well 👍
@fredrivett Absolutely automation looks slightly more possible for Instagram rather than Snapchat at the moment but always looking into what’s possible :) I’d definitely recommend it & with Snappd it makes it that bit easier to keep all of your content and have a place your viewers can reference back to if they ever miss a story. Thanks again :)
Congrats Russell and Creeshla for launching Snappd! Russell and I had a few quick discussions a while back about the concept for Snappd and what he wanted to build and I'm really impressed with his work so far. Love the new design - great job!
I was introduced to this project several months ago. @russellbarnard has been passionately pursuing an ambitious goal to make Snapchat stories more discoverable. Well done 👍