Snappables, by Snapchat brings AR gaming to lenses. Play games with your friends, and challenge them to beat your high score. Just like lenses, new games will be released every week!

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Reminds me of Tribe's most receive pivot from Houseparty-like video chat to social mobile gaming. I know of one other startup that's building something very similar and Facebook Messenger is already exploring this space. Snap's video promo for this is brilliant and reminds me of how Urban Spoon, the app that you would shake to gather restaurant recommendations, inspired WOM in real life as people did weird things in public. Related: Spectacles v2 are coming soon.
@rrhoover I think part of it (in terms of vision) is coming from Tencent who now owns 12% of the company ( Along with Context Cards and Shop-ifying filters it's creating a 'WeChat' effect. And what happened to SnapCash? No stats on that in any earning call. In fact, they can start cash transfers in India with the new Universal Payment Interface just like WhatsApp is doing.
@rrhoover @chandism I guess we should call them "Twelvecent" now
So your face is the 'controller' of the game? I thought it was brutal to have to watch people regularly take selfies in public...
I love the this idea but I think that most people have a hard time looking at themselves looking ridiculous for longer amounts of time. I think Rainbrow shines here because they don't show a preview of your face. In the video we saw objects overlaying your face but full filters would help break the awkwardness of staring at your face being weird.
EyeToy anyone ? :)
Very cool and innovative !! Well done Snap :)