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#3 Product of the WeekJune 04, 2016

Snappa helps you whip up graphics for social media, ads, blogs and more without Photoshop or graphic designers.

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Hi everyone. I'm one of the co-founders of Snappa. Thanks for checking us out! Our goal is to make the easiest graphic design tool you'll ever use. When we looked at what was currently available, we found that most tools fell in two camps. They were either really easy but overly simplified, or had tons of features but were difficult to use. With Snappa, we wanted to make it incredibly easy yet allow you to create highly engaging images. In addition, we wanted to integrate directly with social media networks to allow for direct posting and a super efficient workflow. We're also going to be adding other integrations in the future like a WordPress plugin. Finally, we wanted to introduce an all-inclusive pricing model with thousands of built-in visual assets and no additional charges.
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@cgimmer Congrats Christopher. Snappa is an awesome tool.
What are the prime diffrentiator's in regards to Guy's Canva?
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@jommi or picmonkey ;)
@jommi Hi Joakim. Great question! I just shared a message about our inspiration for creating Snappa and how we see ourselves differentiating from other tools in the market. Mainly: 1) Ease of use & UI 2) Social integrations 3) All-inclusive pricing Snappa is still very much in its infancy so we have lots of ideas for future development that will continue to set us apart from other tools.
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@jommi good stuff! And good luck! One feedback, one mobile remove the design graphic now button or adjust the popup form as its going out of screen on iPhone 5s
@rizzisam Thanks for the heads up.
Looks like a really solid addition to the DIY design market with super simple pricing to boot. Limited use for free... or all the bells and whistles for a measly $10/month. It's always refreshing to see a SaaS company that doesn't get in their own way with a ludicrous pricing table. :) Good luck!
@swaycopy Thanks for the kind words Josh.
Ive used this and Pablo by Buffer. Both are good, but I really preferred Snappa as it provides a better range of starting sizes for images for more than just social networks. Having worked with Chris before, I can also say you'll be in good hands with Snappa. Looking forward to seeing the other integrations as this will really help distinguish Snappa as the tool of choice. Great work guys, keep it up!
@askdaylen I must agree, almost everything is free but the stock photos... Indirect revenue stream. The excuse are the photos the quality of tool is the lock in.
@askdaylen besides I have no problem spending $1 at once. I might not create 40 pieces at all. Canva is working extremely well for us so far.
@askdaylen I agree. If you use your own assets, Canva is a much better deal. If you're doing a LOT of graphics and using a lot of third party assets, Snappa is probably, financially, a better move, but I'm with you.