Self-destructing text emails for Gmail (Chrome extension)

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At we are super excited to show you what we’ve been using internally over the past months. We hope this little button will help when you have to email sensitive information. You can read more about it here:
@ahmetsulek Nailed it, gratz! This could disrupt a whole industry. Besides sensitive info segment, I'm also thinking about marketing experiences (flash sales, coupons, etc...)
@ahmetsulek I would recommend changing your name as you are in violation of Snapchat's trademarks most likely.
Btw it only expires/self destruct if you open it on a web browser.... So doesn't work on gmail....
Looks very simple to use. Nice job
well not really self-destructing email: points to a web page that self destructs. very different
@ourielohayon Yeah, good point, but it's still cool. I had built the same thing on, but I never marketed it and let the domain name expire.