Influencer tracking platform for Snapchat

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This is much-needed as brands and people invest more in Snapchat, but I'd be nervous to build a 3rd party service that Snapchat will inevitably bring in-house. In comparison, Facebook and Twitter have fairly sophisticated analytics tools and (of course) access to the entire platform. That said, there are 3rd party analytics tools for those platforms today.
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@rrhoover waiting for Snapchat to do this! do you think they'll bring something like this in the next 6 months?
@rrhoover I agree. We knew at Geofilter Place that Snapchat would inevitably launch Geofilter building tools and prepared for that day since the first week. Now most of our customers are businesses and we manage campaigns for these businesses. These campaigns are as simple as us putting Geofilters on important locations are putting Geofilters on shops only during store hours to reduce the cost of a Geofilter by 50% or so (since most retail locations don't need 24/7 coverage). One kind of funny thing happened when Snapchat launched their tool... our sales actually increased from the consumer side significantly because more people became aware that Geofilters were a thing that could be purchased.
@rrhoover completely agree with you on platform dependency here! Also have you seen the pricing, wow, that is not value based pricing! That is crazy!
@stringstory this might be interesting to you!
This product just launched today at Snaphappen in London which is a conference focused on Snapchat. It's an influencer marketing platform focused exclusively on Snapchat. You can read more about the launch here:
Great product but a bit on the pricey side for small businesses
@shaynamack yep! specially if Snapchat decides to give users better analytics
Does snapchat have api for this? If not how do you track the data?
@evivz No, Snaplytics will login to your account at intervals you set using your Snapchat credentials. At work, we have it set to pull data three times a day. This becomes troublesome because you will be logged out on your phone when they do this. Thankfully, you can pause and resume tracking.
@logangarcia Wont the logins of multiple account from same IP trigger flags at snapchat end?
@evivz We've been using it for about 6 months without issue :-) Conversely, our team uses their own phones to login from different IP addresses every day.
@logangarcia @evivz analytics at the cost of getting logged out periodically??